“I write reviews, for blues mags, but once in an eon along comes a new album, that is streets ahead of anything I’ve heard recently and that is of such high quality, class, integrity and performance. . ..Yve has just created something here very unique, honest and wonderful.......Hey, big record/PR folks it’s your time now, as is Yves and ‘High on a Mountain’, undoubtedly the Gypsy Candlestick Queen of Norfolk . . . no hype is needed, honest, trust me . . . Review of the Album High on a Mountain ”

— Trev Turley - Bassist & Editor

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Previous Releases

Yve Mary Barwood a contributing artist for Morganway's first two EP releases Hurricane and No Tomorrows

Yve Solo album Dec 2016

High On A Mountain

Un-official release demo Solo album tracks May 2016

Wide Open 

Un-official release Solo EP feat Tony Brook Mark Howes Feb 2013

River Run Red

Barefoot for Native EP 2010

The Call

Yve has played far and wide from Bluebird cafe Nashville to Royal Festival Hall London See review  


An Eye For An Eye - The Vagabanad

Then, that’s surely Dylan circa Desire underpinning the scuffling Not My Day To Die while, featuring Morganway’s former co lead vocalist Yve Mary Barwood on vocals, the bluesy An Eye For An Eye flirts with spaghetti western moods with its tolling bells and desert parched guitar twang, even if the line about getting back to the garden is clearly pinched from Joni’s Woodstock.”

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A fantastic company and website to find professional work

A fantastic company and website to find professional work